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Job Status Help
The status of a job filing describes where in the process an application with the Buildings Department is. The status is updated in real time as the application moves through the process.
Stage Description of Stage What appears in status column on "My Community" Explanation Can work filed under this application occur during this stage?**
1 Initial application is submitted Pre-Filing

Any status beginning with:
Application Processed
An application has been filed with DOB and the applicant is providing the necessary information and paying the required fees in order for the application to move into stage 2. NO
2 Plan examination or professional certification* Any status beginning with:
Plan Exam
The possible results of plan examination are: approved, disapproved, and partial approval. Often, a job filing that is initially disapproved is eventually approved after the applicant modifies the plan.

This status also applies to professionally certified jobs.
3 Permitting of job filing Not All Permits Issued

All Permits Issued -- Not Signed Off
These job applications have been approved in stage 2 and have received at least one permit. Permits are issued for the different components of work filed under a job application.

"Not All Permits Issued" means only some of all the possible permits for that job filing have been issued (some work can take place). "All Permits Issued -- Not Signed Off" means all permits have been issued. Click the job number to see permit details.
Please note: My Community only displays active jobs. To view signed-off jobs, please visit BISWeb at (Applicants request sign-off or Certificate of Occupancy after all work is complete in stage 3 above.)
*Some types of job filings do not require a plan examination. If an application does not require a plan examination, the status will read "Application Processed -- No Plan Exam" when the job filing is in the plan examination stage.
**A property may have a number of active job filings in different stages. It is possible for some job filings to be permitted and other not to be. Click on the property address to find a list of jobs on a property to see what type of work, if any, should be taking place right now.

About Professional Certification:
Professional certification allows a licensed engineer or architect to certify the compliance of their plans with zoning regulations and the building code without going through the plan examination process. This means the engineer or architect, using their qualifications as a New York State licensed professional, are essentially performing the plan examination themselves and certifying compliance. To find out if a job filing has been professional certified, click on the job number.

More information on the professional certification program is available here:

About what "PAA" means when it appears in the status description:
"PAA" stands for "Post Approval Amendment". Often, job filings go through a number of changes that were not anticipated when the initial job application was submitted. Applicants must submit these changes to the Buildings Department for approval before adopting them on the project. PAAs can be submitted at any stage after plan examination approval and before job completion and sign-off.

More information on PAAs is available here:

Click here for a detailed description of BIS job status, work type, and job type codes.
To find out more about the NYC Department of Buildings and its processes, please visit
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If you have any questions please review these Frequently Asked Questions, the Glossary, or call the 311 Citizen Service Center by dialing 311 or (212) NEW YORK outside of New York City.

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