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OATH/ECB Number Certification
Respondent OATH/ECB Hearing
Violation Date Infraction Codes OATH/ECB Penalty

Severity - classification of the violation. See Rules of the City of New York Section 102-01 for more information. Violations issued before July 2008 are classified as HAZ or NON-HAZ per the 1968 Building Code.
Severity Description
Class 1 or HAZ Immediately Hazardous violations must be corrected immediately. If an acceptable Certificate of Correction is not received, additional civil penalties may apply. See Administrative Code Section 28-202.1, 28-213.1, 28-219.1 and 28-207.2.6 that may impose $1500 for each Class 1 violation. If the violating condition is an illegal conversion, additional daily penalties of $1000 for continued violation are also applicable.
Class 2 or NON-HAZ Major violations. See Administrative Code Section 28-201.2.
Class 3 or NON-HAZ Lesser violations.
OATH/ECB Penalty Due - amount owed to OATH that can be paid at A penalty may still be due even if the violating condition has been corrected. A red banner on the Property Profile Page indicates that additional civil penalties are due.
Certification Status - see below chart to determine if a violation requires submission of a Certificate of Correction to the Department of Buildings and the review status of any submissions.
OATH/ECB Hearing Status - see below chart to determine if a hearing is required and the status of any OATH hearings..
Certification Status Status Description
OPEN - NO COMPLIANCE RECORDED Certificate of Correction required. See guide to resolving an OATH Summons/Violation.
OPEN - CERTIFICATE PENDING Certificate of Correction submitted and under review.
OPEN - CERTIFICATE DISAPPROVED Certificate of Correction disapproved. Resubmit Certificate of Correction after addressing the reasons stated in the disapproval letter.
RESOLVED - N/A-DISMISSED Certificate of Correction not required.
RESOLVED - CERTIFICATE ACCEPTED Certification of Correction accepted and found in compliance; any amount owed is listed in OATH/ECB Penalty Due column and can be paid at
RESOLVED - CURE ACCEPTED Certificate of Correction accepted and found in compliance.
RESOLVED - COMPLIANCE INSP/DOC Condition verified by Inspector or Department documentation; Certificate of Correction not required.
OATH/ECB Hearing Status Status Description
CURED/IN-VIO Cure accepted and violation admitted; no hearing required.
STIPULATION/IN-VIO Stipulation accepted and violation admitted; no hearing required.
IN VIOLATION Hearing decision completed; OATH found respondent in violation.
DISMISSED OATH dismissed the violation.
DEFAULT Respondent failed to respond to the summons; OATH found the respondent in violation and imposed the maximum allowable penalty.
PUBLICLY-OWNED Property is city-owned; no hearing required.
PENDING Awaiting OATH hearing or decision. See guide to fighting an OATH Summons.
ADMIT/IN-VIO Violation admitted and penalty paid to OATH prior to the scheduled hearing date.
WRITTEN OFF Imposed penalty no longer subject to collection actions. Certificate of Correction required to resolve violation.

If you have any questions please review these Frequently Asked Questions, the Glossary, or call the 311 Citizen Service Center by dialing 311 or (212) NEW YORK outside of New York City.

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