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Application Details

Premises: 229 CORNELIA STREET BROOKLYN Job No: 320514662
BIN: 3809949    Block: 3376    Lot: 41 Document: 01 OF 4
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Last Action: PERMIT ISSUED - ENTIRE JOB/WORK 03/19/2014 (R)
Application approved on: 09/11/2013
Pre-Filed: 01/18/2013 Building Type: 1, 2, or 3 Family Estimated Total Cost: $0.00
Date Filed: 01/22/2013     Electronically Filed: Yes
Fee Structure: STANDARD
Review is requested under Building Code: 2008 Hub Job : Yes
Job Description    Comments
1  Location Information (Filed At)
House No(s): 229 Street Name: CORNELIA STREET
Borough: Brooklyn Block: 3376 Lot: 41 BIN: 3809949 CB No: 304
Work on Floor(s): CEL,ROF 001 thru 003 Apt/Condo No(s): Zip Code: 11221
2  Applicant of Record Information
Business Name: ROYAL ENGINEERING, P.C. Business Phone: 718-883-1555
Business Address: 146-02 HILLSIDE AVENUE - JAMAICA NY 11435 Business Fax:
E-Mail: SWIFTWIN@AOL.COM Mobile Telephone: 917-770-8982
License Number: 080350
Applicant Type: P.E.   R.A   Sign Hanger   Other  
    Directive 14 Applicant
    Not Applicable
    Previous Applicant of Record
Business Name: ROYAL ENGINEERING, P.C. Business Phone: 718-883-1555
Business Address: 146-02 HILLSIDE AVENUE - 2ND FL JAMAICA NY 11435 Business Fax:
E-Mail: SWIFTWIN@AOL.COM Mobile Telephone: 917-770-8982
Applicant Type: PE License Number: 080350
3  Filing Representative
Business Name: ROYAL ENGINEERING, P.C. Business Phone: 917-770-8982
Business Address: 146-02 HILLSIDE AVENUE - JAMAICA NY 11435 Business Fax:
E-Mail: SWIFTWIN@AOL.COM Mobile Telephone:
Registration Number: W84002
4  Filing Status
    Click Here to View
5  Job Types
Alteration Type 1 New Building
    Change in Exits/Egress
    Change in Number of Stories Alteration Type 2 Full Demolition
    Change in Number of Dwelling Units Alteration Type 3 Subdivision: Improved
    Change in Room Count / Dwelling Units Sign Subdivision: Condo
    Change in Occupancy / Use
    Change inconsistent with current Cert. of Occup.
Alteration Type 1, OT "No Work" Directive 14 acceptance requested?    Yes        No
6   Work Types
BL - Boiler FA - Fire Alarm FB - Fuel Burning FS - Fuel Storage
FP - Fire Suppression MH - Mechanical PL - Plumbing SD - Standpipe
SP - Sprinkler EQ - Construction Equipment CC - Curb Cut
7   Plans/Construction Documents Submitted
     Plans Page Count:   11 Foundation approved on:  09/11/2013
8  Additional Information
Enlargement proposed?
     No        Yes      Horizontal      Vertical
Total Construction Floor Area:     4,279    sq.ft.
9  Additional Considerations, Limitations or Restrictions
Yes No
Structural peer review required per BC §1627 Peer Reviewer License No.(P.E.):  
Filed to Comply with Local Law Local Law No./Year:       
Other, Specify:  
Restrictive Declaration / Easement
Zoning Exhibit Record (I,II,III,etc)
Filed to Address Violation(s)
Environmental Restrictions (Little E or RD)
Unmapped Street Yes No
Adult Establishment Included in LMCCC
Compensated Development (Inclusionary Housing) Infill Zoning
Low Income Housing (Inclusionary Housing) Loft Board
Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Multiple Dwelling Quality Housing
Filing includes Lot Merger / Reapportionment (If Yes,17)
Includes permanent removal of standpipe, sprinkler or fire suppression related systems
Work includes partial demolition as defined in AC §28-101.5
Structural Stability affected by proposed work
Work includes lighting fixture and/or controls, installation or replacement. [§ECC 404 and 505]
Site Safety Job / Project
BSA Calendar No.(s):
CPC Calendar No.(s):
10  NYCECC Compliance New York City Energy Conservation Code  (Applicant Statement)
To the best of my knowledge, belief and professional judgment, this application is in compliance with the NYCECC.
Energy analysis is on another job number:
Yes    No
        This application is, or is part of, a project that utilizes trade-offs among different major systems
        This application utilizes trade-offs within a single major system
To the best of my knowledge, belief and professional judgment, all work under this application is exempt from the NYCECC in accordance with one of the following:
The work is an alteration of State or National historic building.
The scope of work is entirely in a low-energy building and is limited to the building envelope.
The scope of work does not affect the energy use of the building.
This is a post-approval amendment and exempt under a prior edition of the energy code.
11  Job Description
Related BIS Job Numbers:  
Primary application Job Number:  
12  Zoning Characteristics
Special District(s):  
Map No.:  17a Street legal width (ft.):  60 Street status:     Public         Private    
Zoning lot includes the following tax lots:   Not Provided
Proposed: Use Zoning Area (sq.ft.) District FAR
   RESIDENTIAL   3,209   R6   1.69
Proposed Totals:   3,209 --   1.69
Existing Total:    -- --
Proposed Lot Details: Lot Type:        Corner            Interior            Through    
Lot Coverage (%):  65 Lot Area (sq.ft.):  4,000        Lot Width (ft.):  40
Proposed Yard Details:   No Yards    Or
Front Yard (ft.):   5     Rear Yard (ft.):  30     Rear Yard Equivalent (ft.):  0    
Side Yard 1 (ft.):  0     Side Yard 2 (ft.):  0    
Proposed Other Details: Perimeter Wall Height (ft.): 80    
Enclosed Parking?       Yes       No       No. of parking spaces:  3
13  Building Characteristics
Primary structural system:        Masonry       Concrete (CIP)       Concrete (Precast)       Wood
       Steel (Structural)       Steel (Cold-Formed)       Steel (Encased in Concrete)

Structural Occupancy Category:     I - LOW HAZARD TO HUMAN LIFE
Seismic Design Category:     CATEGORY B
2008 Code Designations?
Occupancy Classification:     R-2 - RESIDENTIAL: APARTMENT HOUSES   Yes     No
Construction Classification:     III-A: PROTECTED WOOD JOIST - COMBU   Yes     No
Multiple Dwelling Classification:     HAEA
Building Height (ft.):     35
Building Stories:     3
Dwelling Units:      3
Mixed use building?         Yes        No   
14  Fill
Not Applicable Off-Site On-Site Under 300 cubic yards
15  Construction Equipment
Chute Sidewalk Shed Construction Material:  PLYWOOD
Fence     Size:   linear ft. BSA/MEA Approval No.:  
Supported Scaffold Other   
16  Curb Cut Description
       Not Applicable
17  Tax Lot Characteristics
       Not Provided
18  Fire Protection Equipment
    Existing     Proposed     Existing     Proposed
Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No
Fire Alarm Sprinkler
Fire Suppression Standpipe
19  Open Spaces
      Not Provided
20  Site Characteristics
Yes No Yes No
Tidal / Fresh Water Wetlands Fire District
Urban Renewal Flood Hazard Area
21  Demolition Details
      Not Applicable
22  Asbestos Abatement Compliance
      Not Applicable
23  Signs
      Not Applicable
25  Applicant's Statements and Signatures     ( See paper form or check Forms Received )
Yes No
For New Building and Alteration 1 applications filed under the 2008 NYC Building Code only: does this building qualify for high-rise designation?
Directive 14 applications only: I certify that the construction documents submitted and all construction documents related to this application do not require a new or amended Certificate of Occupancy as there is no change in use, exits, or occupancy.
26  Owner's Information
Relationship to Owner: OWNER
Business Name: METROPOLITAN HOMES INC Business Phone: 718-380-9000
Business Address: 35 NORTH TYSON AVENUE FLORAL PARK NY 11001 Business Fax:
Non Profit:    Yes        No
Yes No
Owner's Certification Regarding Occupied Housing (Remain Occupied)
Owner's Certification Regarding Occupied Housing (Rent Control / Stabilization)
Owner DHCR Notification
Owner's Certification for Adult Establishment
Owner's Certification for Directive 14 (if applicable)
      Metes and Bounds
      To view metes and bounds, see the Plot Diagram (form PD-1). A scanned image may be available here.

If you have any questions please review these Frequently Asked Questions, the Glossary, or call the 311 Citizen Service Center by dialing 311 or (212) NEW YORK outside of New York City.

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